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Small business owners cannot afford a full time health & safety manager nor do they have the time to get involved in detailed legislative requirements themselves. Outsourcing your health and safety function is the only cost effective way to stay within the law and become known by your clients / principal contractors as a low risk. Thus increasing the likelihood of your company winning more contracts, below is what industries we specialise in to help with the above:

Company Health & Safety - Factories & Workshops

AV Safety Consultants Ltd recognise that engineering and manufacturing locations can be amongst the most hazardous within the workplace. It is essential your work force’s safety is properly managed and that they and others are not exposed to unnecessary risk. Their safety is paramount and AV Safety Consultants Ltd can offer guidance, practical solutions and documentation. Our aim is not just to meet the legal health and safety requirements but through thorough risk assessments, suggest improvements to ensure that hazards at work are properly managed.

Company Health & Safety – Construction Industry

Accidents at work are most common in the construction industry and consequently the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) focus a lot of their energy upon this sector. Due to insurance requirements, Principal Contractors are becoming much tougher with their sub-contractors with regard to safety at work.

AV Safety Consultants Ltd specialise in helping small construction firms win business. They employ us to satisfy safety at work legislation documentation and provide evidence of a safety culture.

AV Safety Consultants Ltd invest a great deal of time helping our clients meet their health and safety requirements. We work with our clients to implement and review health and safety management systems to ensure that all employees are aware of the potential risks around them and the correct way to deal with them.

Company Health & Safety - Agriculture / Estate Management

AV Safety Consultants Ltd provide a wide range of Rural Industry Specific Health & Safety services and solutions, advising Farmers / Rural Estates on their Health & Safety obligation. With margins as tight as they have ever been, in Scottish Rural Industry, we strive to work in partnership with clients, by guiding them through the mountain of red tape required by legislation, whilst allowing them to function as profitably as possible. AV Safety Consultants Ltd support the HSE’S ‘Make the Promise’ campaign. We are working together with the farming industry to support farmers around Britain in making their promise to come home safe.

Company Health & Safety - Forestry / Arboriculture

The forest industry is one of the most dangerous sectors in which to work in the UK.
In the five years up to March 2012, there was an average of 10.4 fatalities per 100,000 workers.
This is more than three times the fatality rate for the construction industry.

AV Safety Consultants Ltd can work with the forestry industry to make a lasting change to the safety record of this sector. Timber growers, contractors and landowners all have a part to play in making sure people's lives aren't put at risk whenever commercial forestry operations are taking place. With over ten years experience working with land owners, forestry contractors etc, AV Safety Consultants Ltd are a member of the Forest Industry Safety Accord (FISA) where representatives of leading industry organisations have joined together to set up (FISA) which sets out the industry commitment agreed by each organisation to raise the standard of health and safety in their place of work.

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